Invoice Processing

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Finance & Accounting

Invoice Processing

100% improvement in Productivity

VirtualPro's Intelligent algorithms extracts data from unstructured and semi structured Invoices and e-mails, performing Invoice processing intelligently.

Procurement & Supplychain

Purchase Order Creation

3X Improvement in Turnaround time

VirtualPro's Digital Employee "V-Bot" supports the Procurement Team in delivering value

HR & Payroll

Compliance Audit

Compliance Assurance through VirtualPro's customized


VirtualPro's  "V-Bot"- your Digital partner

HR & Payroll

Statutory Forms Preparation

The process which took 4-5 hours, reduced to 30 mins

VirtualPro's "V-BOT" your reliable Digital Employee


VAT Reconciliation

More than 150,000  client Invoices processed 

VirtualPro empowers the Finance & Tax team in faster processing of VAT claims.

Procurement & Supplychain

Sales Order Process

Deploy VirtualPro's

V-BOT to improve Turnaround time

VirtualPro's Intelligent automtion enables organisations to serve their customer faster

Finance & Accounting

Royalty Accounting

10X Improvement in Productivity

VirtualPro's Intelligent algorithms helps its clients in performing the Outbound Royalty Accounting Process

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