Case Study - HR&Payroll
Compliance Audit


The client has a huge employee base and as part of their Payroll compliance, the payroll team verifies each employee records of their attendance, the statutory dues calculations, to ensure if the employee dues are calculated as per the statutory requirements.. And also verified  with the statutory payment records, to ensure if  the employee statutory dues are paid against the employee account.


The activity was very manual involving checking of each employee records and had a possibility of non-compliance if not performed.


VirtualPro developed a customised BOT which will review each employee record , payroll registers, statutory forms and the  payment records to  perform compliance audit, and report any non-compliance and inconsistencies for immediate rectification and corrections.


The BOT applies the statutory calculation and compliance rules on each employee records as well as previous months records to perform the audit checks.


Intelligent automation helped in improved compliance with almost 100% accuracy avoiding cost of non-compliance






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