Case Study - Accounts Payable
Invoice Processing


Invoice Processing is a very critical process, which is the source for accounting costs of any business. Hundreds and Thousands of Invoices  are received from suppliers in every organisation which may be of  different formats and having different contents.

Our client's challenge was to process Invoices which are of various formats and  different types of invoices requiring two way or three way matching. And also requiring various types of validations, exceptions and identifying the tax rates and Tax codes to enable processing.

The client wanted a single BOT which can handle invoice in various languages like English, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Dutch Invoices etc;


VirtualPro analysed the processe and with their deep functional expertise and automation experience configured a BOT which was able to do end to end Invoice processing, from downloading invoices from the E-mails to accounting the transactions in the ERP system.


With a user friendly configuration module the Invoice processing team can easily configure and enable automated Invoice processing.

The built-in algorithms performs various checks and balances like how an accountant would normally do - validate the invoices, identify type of Invoice, applicable tax rates (single/multiple rates)  and any specific accounting requirements for each Invoice line.


Intelligent Automation enabled processing thousands of Invoices, from 18 countries, covering more than 8 languages.


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Cost Efficiency

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