Case Study - Supply Chain&Procurement
Purchase Order Creation


The client has operations in many locations delivering services to customers. Purchase requirements / Indents comes from each customer location. Purchase Indents are analysed by the procurement team and depending on the Item code and location, items are grouped and purchase orders are created depending on item code, location and preferred suppliers.

This is a manual activity and also time critical during peak days/months having a direct impact on service delivery. The client wanted to automate this activity, and have their employees focus on more value creating procurement activities.


VirtualPro team developed a customised Digital Employee (V-BOT) to perform the end to end activities from Purchase Indent validation to Purchase Order creation.

VirtualPro deployed its Digital Employee (V-BOT) as an On Premise solution. VirtualPro team spent 2 weeks with the client staff to understand the process, systems and various scenarios specific to the client's business and their operational requirements. Also suggested few process changes to enable automation and derive full benefits of automation.


Intelligent automation improved Turnaround time by 3X with 99% accuracy having a direct impact on business outcomes.


Productivity Improvement




Cost Efficiency

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