Case Study - HR&Payroll
Statutory Forms generation


The client has a huge employee base and had to  prepare various Statutory Forms as part of their Payroll compliance, for submission to statutory authorities as well as to their client reporting on payroll compliance, which involved preparation of around 15 various Statutory forms,  at the organisation and their client level.

The preparation of the statutory forms by the payroll team was very time consuming with a dedicated team performing this activity. The activity involved preparation of various statutory forms. Around 70-80% of the back office employee time was spent on this repetitive manual task, impacting their performance and client deliverable.


With the complexity in the process - specifically and industry /  organisations specific  process challenges, neither a generic automation solution nor a off the shelf solution would address the issue .


For this unique situation VirtualPro team developed a customised BOT to perform the end to end activities from generation of compliance forms, validate and audit each employee record for correctness and completeness.


Intelligent automation improved Turnaround time by 5X with almost 100% accuracy enabling timely statutory and client compliance.



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