Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

What is RPA?                         

RPA refers to the use of software tools configured to do repetitive tasks performed with the UI of a computer System.  RPA software would perform activities in the same way an human being would do.

RPA is very relevant where,  
  • Tasks performed are Repetitive
  • Processes are Structured or which can be structured
  • Activity performed across various application
  • Involving human efforts
  • High volume transactions

Benefits of Automation

Process Efficiency
Implementing RPA would highly improve process efficiency compared to the  manual processes performed. Quality and Productivity gains will lead to business growth , data reliability and execution speed.


Once configured the processes are scalable as needed. Assigning additional Robots to the process will immediately scale-up the capacity.

Cost Efficiencies

High productivity and process efficiency achieved through RPA transforms into considerable cost savings from optimal use of organisations resources. 

Quicker ROI

RPA do not need extensive coding and with various RPA tools available in the market makes it possible to configure and implement faster leading to quicker returns on money spent.

RPA Services


We help client's  identify areas suitable for Automation, evolving business case having a strong impact on process and Cost efficiencies. 
​One of the Key success of RPA is that it does not require programming skills and functional SME's can be trained to independently automate processes using RPA tools.
​Our  simple and results focused methodology will help clients adapt RPA easeand realise the desired outcome.



Opportunity Identification

Automation RoadMap

Proof of Concept

Business Case & Implementation


VirtualPro's structured approach and implementation methodology enables successful implementation of our RPA projects. We bring value to our clients by building more efficiency, speed and reliability to their processes and also ensure enhanced controls in the new automation enabled processes.

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